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How in all hell did this happen?

What do?
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Sub-Capital Warships of the Raumkriegsmarine by Bajireyn
Sub-Capital Warships of the Raumkriegsmarine
I was going through my images, and found this. It's never going to get finished because I've decided to stop linearting and move to flash, and because I wasn't quite happy with how it turned out. There's also the issue of at least half the warships being at least somewhat redundant, as I was never able to figure out clearly defined roles for the DDs and FFGs. These ships were also drawn when I thought having the same type of primary armament across as many ships as possible was a good idea, which isn't going to carry over into any future designs. I may take another crack at warship design in the near future, as bricks with guns on them are fairly easy to draw. 

From the top, Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate, Corvette. No fighters or anything because they'd be a few pixels at this scale. Pardon the low resolution. 
StK. 50/79 Sturmkarabiner Redux [WIP] by Bajireyn
StK. 50/79 Sturmkarabiner Redux [WIP]
Perfect for use against uppity colonials and marxists. 

I can into flash now. Shading whenever I figure that shit out. 
MkB. 81 by Bajireyn
MkB. 81
A Calico rip chambered in .44 Cor-bon because I've lost control of my life.

In all seriousness it's a .44 SMG designed in Rhoderberg during the tail end of the 1970's. Why? Why not.
M.65 Schutzenpanzer by Bajireyn
M.65 Schutzenpanzer
Put into service to replace the obsolete M.45, the M.65 is generally regarded as the Tsavoniches Heer's first successful purpose-built armored personnel carrier.

Before you ask, it's based off the Schutzenpanzer Lang and AMX-10P. Credit to BlastWaves for the original tracks.

Name: M65 Schutzenpanzer
Origin: Der Bundesreich von Neue Tsavon
Manufacturer: Mardmetall Rüstungwerke
Designed: 1961 - 196
Produced: 1967 - Present
In service: 1967 - Present
Number produced: 3,480
Operators: Tsavoniches Heer, various allied nations.

Weight: 15 tons
Length: 5.34 m
Width: 2.78m
Height: 2.75m
Crew: 3+9 dismounts
Effective armor thickness: Resistant to 23 and 14.5mm AP on the frontal arc, and all-round protection against artillery splinters and small arms.
Armament: 1x 16.8x125mm HMG (2,000 rounds)

Engine: 8-cylinder diesel (240 hp)
Suspension: Torsion Bar
Ground clearance: 106 cm
Range: 600km
Speed: 65 km/h
Belt-Fed FAL by Bajireyn
Belt-Fed FAL
Because you suck and we hate you.

Also those Africans aren't going to imperialize themselves.

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